Mondays meals #4. Spanish chicken,prawn and bean casserole.

This is a batch cook dinner favourite of mine and outside of the prawns you can freeze everything and just stiryfry up the prawns fresh to add in for the next mealtime. This does take a little longer to cook, but because its a batch recipie I think it’s worth the time.  I like to poach chicken thighs when I can, they are already so juicy and tender and by poaching them in chicken stock for approximately one hour or until cooked through, the meat literally falls off the bone. You can reserve the skin and bone then to make a good chicken stock which you can freeze.  Imagine having a big crusty bread roll on the side to soak up the sauce, that on it’s own is a delicious meal!


Chicken Oyster thighs   ( I use the Supervalu six pack of Chicken thighs – you can buy twelve for five euro and are the best chicken I have found in all the supermarkets )

Prawns (I use Supervalu tail on pre-cooked fresh prawns -packet is €2.50)


Basmatic rice

Two egg

Chicken stock

One lemon/lime


Bean Casserole:

1/2 an onion

Chicken stock


Worcestershire sauce

Balsamic vinegar

Tomato puree


Italian Seasoning

Garlic granules /fresh garlic bulb

Butter beans

Chick peas

Cannellini beans



Tinned tomatoes




Poach the chicken (skin on) in chicken stock (until chicken is fully immersed in the liquid) for one hour or until done. When the chicken is cooked,remove the skin and bones if you like to reserve for an easy chicken stock.

Rice :

Put one cup of rice in pot with one and a half cups of cold chicken stock

bring rice to the boil and leave simmer until you see holes starting to appear or all the liquid is gone (approx 8 to 10 minutes)

turn hob off and put lid on saucepan ,leaving the pot on the ring for a further ten minutes

The key to amazing rice is to do this and walk away . do not lift the lid,you want to keep the steam inside and do not stir it at all EVER  in the whole process 🙂

When the rice is ready, open the lid and quickly crack in two eggs and stir into the rice, then replace the lid. Turn the ring on very low for a minute, turn off and let the steam cook the egg to give you perfect egg fried rice)


Bean Casserole:

Whilst your chicken and rice are cooking you can begin the sauce.

Fry off your onion and garlic for a few minutes until soft.

Add half a punnet of chopped mushrooms and fry for another minute or two until softened

Add the tin of chopped tomatoes

Add half a tin of sweetcorn kernels

Add your beans ( I used Butter beans and chick peas on this occasion, but cannellini and other beans work well here too)

Add a tablespoon of balsamic vinegar

Add a tablespoon of tomatoe puree

Add two to three tablespoons of Worcestershire sauce

Add the passata in full

Add 500 ml chicken stock

Season with a teaspoon of Paprika, Italian herbs and Garlic granules( only  use the granules here if you haven’t already added a fresh garlic bulb)

Let this simmer away on the hob until you are happy with the consistency of the sauce.




Near the end flash fry up  the chopped chorizo in a little garlic oil and add it to the sauce.

Leaving the chorizo oil in the wok, add your prawns to the oil.

Squeeze in the juice of either half a lemon or lime, ( I used lime for a change here) and continue to cook for two to three minutes and add to the bean casserole.


Once the chicken is cooked, de-skin and serve with the bean casserole and rice ,with a little extra sauce over the chicken.

This works really well with mini roast potatoes and of course a big crusty slice of fresh bread and a glass of red wine:)


If you try any of my recipies I would love to see your pictures and thoughts so make sure to tag my page on Instagram or Facebook:)

I really hope you enjoy this one xx


ch bean 3

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