Prawn and pancetta pil pil with corn ribs and crusty garlic bread

I started this dinner out with a major longing for prawn pil pil but to my disappointment ,it’s a day before I have to do my weekly shop I realised there was no Chorizo left in the fridge or red peppers. However the prawns were begging to be cooked so I came up with a slight twist on a massively popular dish and am pleased to say it was so good it is definitely a great alternative and a good example of once having the basis of flavour and ingredients there’s always options at dinner time!

Smoked Pancetta one pack
Prawns ( I use wild atlantic prawns and approximately 100g per portion)
Six finely chopped garlic cloves
1 chopped and deseeded red chilli
Half a jar of chopped sundried tomatos
Zest of one lemon
Onion granules
Smoked paprika
Lemon pepper
Salt and cracked black pepper for seasoning once cooked if required


In a cold skillet pan if you have one to hand fry up the pancetta bringing slowly up the heat as you go and add the garlic,chilli,tomatos and oil. I use a good glug of rapeseed oil here ,approximately 3 to four capfuls .
Allow the garlic to cook for a few minutes but keep an eye that it doesnt burn you want it to brown very slightly.
Next add in your lemon zest and prawns, a little more of a drizzle of oil and pop them into the oven for approximately eight to ten minutes.

Serve with garlic infused crusty bread and on this occasion I wanted to try corn ribs in the airfryer and this is a really nice side dish to the prawns and bread!

Airfryer corn ribs
boil your mini corn on the conbs as standard. Allow to cool down and carefully cut with a sharp knife into four pieces.
Line your airfryer carefully with baking paper .(ie you dont want any paper to escape up into the fan of the machine)
Make your ribs mix, I used the following and generously covered the corn in it:
Smoked paprika
Onion Granules
Chilli flakes
Garlic granules
lemon pepper
Cracked black pepper
Rapeseed oil

Pop them into the airfryer lined basked and cook for ten minutes or more if you want them crispier and enjoy.

If you wanted more sustenance or carbs with the above then have a look at my patatas bravas recipe here as it would make a great tapas night or dinner party dinner all together. That being said if you keep going back in with crusty bread to mop up the spicy oil you will not need anything else 🙂

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