I’m Adelle, mam to toddler twins who make me laugh on a daily basis in-between the usual tantrums, trials and tribulations. I am muddling my way through life as a multiple mam and share a honest account of the swings and roundabouts that parenting brings here.

Two very headstrong and mischievous three year olds who are best friends for the most part, both of whom think they are the boss, provide plenty of real material to fuel my passion for writing. Their determination to outwit me allows me to share their humor through the blog and keeps us all entertained.


I love all things baby related and may have a slight obsession with childrens’ clothing aswell as my never ending search for the perfect tea-dress. This may have led me to be on a first name basis with my postwoman and most courier companies. I confine myself to sharing my weekly bargains and cute clothing picks here on a Friday.

An ideal day at home for  me would be a morning of fun with the kids,in this fantasy they nap, so I would finally get to finish writing my novel !Reading keeps me sane and my kindle goes everywhere with me ! Cocktails with the other half may not happen often enough but are always enjoyed.

Life is happy and hectic but always full of laughter with 3 year old twins usually providing the giggles!

You can contact me on via email on kennyadelle@gmail.com, @adellekenny over on Twitter or by private message on https://www.facebook.com/DodeestoDaquiris/.

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