Mothers day desires

As we approach Mothers day 2018 my wishlist from 2017 has not changed that much. We are going through another rough patch of sickness so sleep continues to be as elusive as ever. It’s been a year of ups and downs since last Mothers day but as my two grow up I am as proud as ever to be their Mammy. (Just give me a run of a few weeks of sleep )


It’s a universal list I think judging from all the other great posts I’ve read all week , kind of like a one size fits all in what we really would like for Mother’s day.

Loo trips

The ability to go to the loo in peace ranks up there quite highly. Miss A in particular seems to think I like nothing more than hearing her screeching for me every time I dare step out of her line of sight so I think a nice little basket of Earplugs left on top of the loo is a good starting point as a pressie.


More earplugs

Actually lets ask for more earplugs because you know those nights that are your night off nights.Those nights during a spell of #whywon’tmykidssleep nights and you and your other half take it in turns to endure the zombieshuffle back and forth to the kids bedrooms. But for…

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