Never say they sleep out loud…

It starts with the "oh my god the baby/babies have slept 4 hours in a row, cue two babies who refuse to nap, sleep the following day ,causing copious vats of coffee being drank as you struggle to keep your eyes open. But sure its ok you are on maternity leave after-all and have nothing... Continue Reading →

My so called “Fake birth”.

Did you have a natural birth? If there is one question since my children were born that continues to irk me and sometimes I will admit upsets me every time I hear it it's this. I see this time and time again in parenting forums, articles, social media, birth announcements etc. Those who ask it at... Continue Reading →

Reminders about reminders…

Reminder number one for today was " write a blog post Adelle" -check -gold star for me on completion of said reminder !  I promptly peeled the gold star off my jumper ( Don't judge me I have 2.5year old twins -stickers are a necessary part of daily life here) as I hit the dismiss... Continue Reading →

Mammy guilt

  Ah yeah today’s a good day for mammy guilt I pondered as I spent my third hour in the car driving home tonight from Dublin to try desperately to get home in time for bedtime . And I failed. I knew I was going to fail as I realised I had driven maybe 10... Continue Reading →

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