Reminders about reminders…

Reminder number one for today was ” write a blog post Adelle” -check -gold star for me on completion of said reminder !
 I promptly peeled the gold star off my jumper ( Don’t judge me I have 2.5year old twins -stickers are a necessary part of daily life here) as I hit the dismiss button for the other ahem , 36 reminders that currently screamed at me from my phone.
Where do I even begin to tell you about my  To do dates which go back six months? ( yes gutters this weekend will be the weekend you finally get done and of course spare bedroom in between cleaning gloppy dead leaves from said gutters we will get around to redecorating you too. B can finally have his own room since herself robbed the nursery at 6 months due to her inability to sleep through leaving him in our bedroom).
Tagging onto that reminder is a reminder to book a massage ,all due to the fact that whilst our son is in our ensuite master bedroom we are in the spare room complete with busted  lumpy springs spare bed which is ok for a random nights sleep here and there hence the need for a massage.
Seeing as I was never a list person my reminders are now gone beyond a joke. They taunt me at my inability to complete certain tasks.
In the whole they are boring DIY tasks, procrastinations about my novel which is still a WIP and plans to book myself in for a GP visit long overdue.
For some reason we tend to forget our own doctors appointments when we become mammies or as the date draws nearer a twin will inevitably get sick and naturally you forget to rearrange your own appointment to mind your own health so full of concern for your own child. Cue another reminder to mind my own health ,Parents cannot afford to get sick  and memories of past illnesses whilst two toddlers jump all over me while i huddled under a blanket ,the colour of an Irish sky in the depths of winter are reason enough to make sure I book that GP visit and quickly.
It’s kind of like when the bank statement comes in or a bill arrives which you have been dreading when I see reminders come up, I look at them through squinted eyes. Like peeling open that letter  and acknowledging certain words but not in its entirety for fear once my brain registers the action that desperately needs undertaken I might then have to follow through with it.
Actually whilst I have wrote this entry I am now reminded that soon it will be med 1 time and I vow before that entry goes in I delete and complete at least one of those 35 remaining “urgent tasks ” one which so happens to be to submit my 2015 med one . Well I have been busy the last few years so its inevitable I will forget one or two things, isn’t it?

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  1. Actual physical post-its are my best chance at getting things done, I need the visua. Plus the satisfaction of crumpling up a little yellow square and tossing it in the bin when task is completed is fabulous!


    1. That’s a great idea but I would fear my house walls would turn a lovely shade of post-it yellow and remain that way for a long long time 🙂


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