You know you are a seasoned Mother when

Your shoe pile grows in terms of flats and runners and not heels. Hoodies and rain coats are fast outnumbering your other jackets, short leather coats aren't known for their waterproofness.  The first thing you do after a holiday is to get the washing on and then sit down for a glass of wine. Not... Continue Reading →

Coffee, the friend I love to hate.

I remember the day coffee became my best friend. Ok well best friend is probably a strong statement but when I explain why you might get why I am feeling the love for it right now. Anyone who knew me prior to the twins arrival, is still shocked at my now relationship with caffeine. It... Continue Reading →

Making memories and looking back.

I am feeling very sentimental as of late and even more so after one afternoon in my parents’ house when the twins were knee-deep in photo albums of me as a child with my family. Pictures of first trips to Santa, pictures of first holidays and day trips intermixed with random pictures snapped at home with... Continue Reading →

10 things that make me happy

LadyNicci has me all a fluster trying to think of only ten things that make me happy. I'm not too happy that I am about to detox until Christmas so this list will be a memory for when I am finding things tough over the coming months. Outside of the usual suspects of the kids,... Continue Reading →


The day of the twins third birthday party as the hot food was cooking in the oven and thirty minutes before the party was due to start our electricity went. It was a Saturday afternoon, slightly rainy but warm( welcome to Irish summers!) and we expected the power to come back moments later. But it... Continue Reading →

When did our youth get so old…

Let me start by saying the fact that I am still a little bit wobbly in the tummy area a few years post twins and I’m facing a penultimate birthday in January may bear a little influence in how I am feeling as of late. I feel a little delicate about my ageing self however there is... Continue Reading →

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