Questions to never(ever) ask a multiple parent..

Are they natural?

Yes, look if I pinch them for you they will cry…

or be prepared to be asked how your sex life is!


Aw look you have two boys.(back in the squishy newborn days)

Yes the boy wearing a dress with a hairband is obviously a boy……


Double the trouble.

Do you know I have never ever (ever!) heard that before.


Ah sure isn’t it great, two for the price of one.

Yeah like buy one get one free. seriously.


Aren’t you lucky you have a gentelmans’ family.

What the actual f is that?


Better you than me?

My usual response here is open mouthed wtf did you just say and meekly turn away, my response in my head two minutes later as I kick myself is one with too foul language to broadcast.


Isn’t it great you have it all over and done with.

see my response here


Are they identical?

Ok to be fair this stumped me too in the beginning sure siblings do look alike…


So maybe the next time do what you would do when you meet a single little baby for the first time, congratulate and cooing is optional 🙂

Two hearts to loveFour arms to holdA twins bondIs never to be broke. (2)



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