Dilemmas of a blog name

You might be wondering how I came up with my blog name , well as some of you will know from going through the torture of naming your own blog, business name , child etc etc, it was absolute torture.

Of course all the “good ones “were gone. Every time I thought of something unique and amazing and typed it into WordPress convinced I had hit the jackpot the name was gone.  Anytime I narrowed it down to 3 or 4 possibilities someone didn’t like it or I got constructive feedback on why it may not work (remember again the short list for your childrens’ names ……)

One name which I can’t even remember now had a friend and fellow blogger advise me that it might attract dominatrix followers!

Given my blog I hope covers most things (outside of a sexual nature for the most) I swiftly deleted that name from my possibilities.

As I sat there one night staring at buzz words I decided to write the words I hear a lot in my life. Dodees (  my twins name for their dummies,soothers) , ok well my twins are 2.5years old so whilst I may not have heard that word per say from the day my twins B&A were born it’s something I have heard cried for, whimpered for, laughed at, demanded and lately heard on repeat over and over and over so that definitely had to be in the title to reflect my life as a twin mam.


My inner response after I heard Dodee mentioned for the fiftieth time one day was that I would kill for a Daquiri- not literally of course.  A daiquiri is more than a drink to me and I must add a disclaimer here, I don’t have them very often, but they symbolise the other side of me. The side that has time to get dolled up to the nines , makeup ,hair and a nice dress and to go out for a nice meal and drink a  few Daquiris with himself or friends.

So it’s as simple as that really, everything that lies in between are my passions for writing, reading, cooking, fashion ( I have an obsession for childrens clothes since the twins were born) and handbags .

So there you have it, that’s my blog name, hopefully in a few years we might progress and drop the Dodees but that is a battle I am definitely not ready for yet,  and when we do get to visit the Dodee castle in the fairy woods you will be one of the first to know !

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