An ode to my handbags ( Pre twins)

The final straw came today as I made my way out to work this morning and I nearly collapsed from the weight not of my laptop bag but my handbag. It’s called a handbag for a reason and doesn’t generally come with a warning tag for the owner to note that she needs to have the shoulders of an Ironman to carry it, but mine should.

I was determined this evening to begin tomorrow with a new bag, and as I drove I cast my mind to the trunk at the end of our bed full of handbags some little, some ridiculously large (which may now come in handy, coincidentally ) and others with spike and studs which aren’t the most toddler friendly . Those handbags were my loves pre children and there was nothing better than matching a bag to your outfit, having work bags, going out bags, gig bags, gym bags, every- day bags. Now they are lucky if said trunk gets opened once a month and they get a bit of well needed airing.

Time as anyone with busy lifestyles of juggling home, work (in or out of the house) and kids will know there is not enough of and especially not enough of it  to swap your bags anymore on a daily basis.  The very thought of having to empty my current bag is enough to send me to my oven with my rubber gloves for its annual clean !

I had some well needed time to myself for a few hours Christmas week and took a picture of my day to day bag versus the handbag I was bringing with me on my “day off “ ( to go Christmas shopping I might add so not entirely a day of pampering but I did have the ability to go into every single shop and not have 3 faces moan back at me when I mentioned the necessity to enter Penneys) I literally had no baggage with me! Don’t get me wrong I adore my “baggage” very much and wouldn’t be without it but for those few hours it was fun to break out the small little Zara number .

Sitting here now surrounded by the caps off fruit shoots ( yes my water guzzlers get a fruit shoot every now and again don’t shoot me !) ,nappies not used but have disfigured into weird lumpy shapes at the bottom of my bag , two full packs of water wipes, packets of Ligas, Alphabear fruit shapes, raisins, Organix snacks, Paralinks, thermometers, toy cars, bibs, phone charger, lipstick ,perfume,deodorant,hairbrush, spare vest, hats, gloves, Nurofen, tampons, 50 random receipts I felt the need to retain for some reason, colouring pencils, dodees( 6!) ,tweezers, life saver cpr thingy, mascara, purse bulging , cute sequin coin purse (empty) , notepad and 3 pens, empty wrappers from porridge bars & ricecakes and breath ! I wonder have I somehow got the powers of Ms Poppins bottomless bag because not too unlike when a baby comes out I cant imagine all this stuff fitting back in my bag !

Dusting off the big brown starting to fray leather bag I think I will leave the bag swapping for another day and concentrate on reversing the other bag swapping I undertook approx. 2.5 years ago ,aka the  permanent structures that reside directly under my eye sockets these days .



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