This is a selfish post in a way but I just needed to write. I am not even entirely sure of where this is going but the words are spilling out.

I am heartbroken.

Heartbroken for children who face life limiting illnesses and for their parents who struggle against the race that is time to desperately get funding to travel, to seek out anything that will extend their childrens lives. It is easy for me to say this from the comfort of my home with healthy children, but it is meant with support and acknowledgement of the immense pain that any family in this situation lives through daily.

I saw a post about a little boy today not much younger that the twins slumped in his daddys arms. Almost baby-like from the illness that will more than likely rob him of his life. No real hope for him to live long enough for his parents to celebrate all those little goals that as parents we all see in our heads , those happy future events.

There is so much wealth in the world in such a small minority of the population and despite what me , you and the normal person can do with donations we have to look to our governments and our leaders to help in our hours of need. We have to pray that those who have the skills will continue to learn and educate themselves to battle our genetics and help us live. We have to work in unison with families to help those who can’t fight for themselves.

I know too many people who have strength beyond what I could ever hope to have and continue to fight on long after their angels have left, they fight not only in memory of their little ones but they fight and raise awareness so maybe somewhere down the line the next family facing down a very dark tunnel can see a glimmer of light.

I think we all as parents or close family live with a fear that we dare not let come to the surface very often for fear it could completely consume or overwhelm us. But it’s important to acknowledge that this is others daily reality, some with good news through long hard struggles, others too often with no hope.

I hope we show compassion.

I hope we help spread awareness through any means that we can.

I hope those families know that we know of them, we don’t quickly flick away.

I hope we swallow our fear of being overwhelmed momentarily to acknowledge anothers fight.

I hope we don’t shelter away from helping others for the very same fear.

I hope they know support reaches far and wide.

I hope our tears show solidarity with families faced with impossible decisions and overall that this little piece shows that whilst they do not know me, I know of them and care.

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