As you both lay there

I am feeling very sentimental now with my “babies ” no longer babies gone off to pre school and I am finding myself thinking back to the very early days of pregnancy to present day. I wrote this awhile back and have added to it as time has gone on.

To B &A , love Mammy xx



As I lay here watch you sleeping

A little over three years gone by,

That first image of you both, so moving, so poignant

It took my breath away.


Two circles of life side by side ,

Deep within me,

Small but ever so strong,

Rhythmic beats building day by day,

To last a lifetime long.


And then there were two.

Two noses,ten fingers ,ten toes,

Reaching out from within,exploring me,


Yours forever more.


High jinx now, elbows and knees,

Excitement builds within limited space.

Stomach rolls like waves of limbs ,

Faces we cannot wait to see.


And then there were two.


Two faces to love,

Four cheeks to kiss ,  two noses to rub,

Two bundles to snuggle ,

Fingers to grasp,

Never letting go.



But go you both must,

Friendships to be formed,

Adventures to be travelled,

Lessons to be learned.


But remember there is always home,

Home to keep you safe,

A touch to make you feel loved and secure,

Always there, day and night.


Soft sighs escape cherry red lips,

Flushed cheeks, fluttering eyelids,

Reliving fun in your dreams,

Sleep tight my loves,

And wake fresh for tomorrows’ adventures.

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