Rising childcare costs and lack of support for working families.

In light of the extension to parental leave being stalled I wanted to share some of my thoughts on what it it’s like as a working mother and part of the middle squeezed generation. Parental leave has been invaluable to us as a family , first and foremost because it allows for my children and I to spend consistent quality time together. Yes I have to save alot and I am lucky that I am in a position to take unpaid leave but what is the alternative ? Pay ridiculous creche fees during the non school holiday periods, they are expensive enough as is without having to pay extra because the ecce scheme is not working family friendly. An extension of the unpaid parental leave scheme would be a baby step gesture from the government to show that it truly values women in the workforce full-time , it leaves us fsr behind our European counter parts but it’s a start and a start we need to ensure does not fade away and get forgotten about by our government. Please show your support and contact your local TD’s office to ensure this goes ahead .


What drives me out the door in the mornings to spend ten hours of the day away from my children? Bear in mind my children are usually only awake thirteen hours in a twenty four-hour period, that leaves me with three hours. These three hours are usually when to be fair, they are not at their best. They, like Mammy are tired. They have had a long day away from home, a day playing in pre-school, forging friendships and navigating the playground. Some days are harder and thankfully these are becoming less. But on these days, when they are missing their Mammy and Daddy and have little cries in the corner of the pre-school room or playground, my heart aches that night when just before I lay them down to sleep, when they are at their most relaxed,tucked up tight in my arms, they recall their sad moments when Mammy…

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