Passing on good habits to our children. Being body positive.

I wanted to share a piece I wrote last year as it’s something very close to my heart. As the twins are growing up now and being exposed to alot more external influences it’s never a bad thing to remind them to love themselves wholeheartedly and walk away from negativity or anything that makes them feel anything other than the amazing little humans they are.


I have always loved looking back through old photo albums. Looking back on holidays from my early childhood days,  days long forgotten yet I always smile as I look at not only my parents baby face but of mine too. Of day-trips taken and ice-creams eaten, my only cares in the world were how many times we could swim in the pool the following day.

As a grown woman to look back at images of my parents early days together, to see them in their first flushes of romance. Smiling at each other, wondering did they know back then they would marry each other, have children. Looking back at how beautiful my Mother was, her youth glowed from every picture, she was nearly always smiling and how my Dad looked like he belonged up on stage with the Stones. Photos of my parents holding my brother and I as new-borns…

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