Hell work -aka Housework

If you ever pay a visit to my house, chances are you will not fully appreciate the effort we have gone to in the hour of panic before you arrive. I’ve never been a Monica about cleaning, it doesn’t fill me with glee when I see my reflection in my kitchen tiles, ( hence why... Continue Reading →


It's a funny thing isn't it! When your baby is a newborn you can't wait for them to smile,gurgle,burp ,fart even! Parents aren't fussy, as long as they  do anything to just acknowledge they see you in their little worlds, you are happy/ You can't wait for them to smile properly for the first time.... Continue Reading →

Today is a sad day ;)

I just uttered the words to my husband "don't mind getting me jewellery or a bag for Christmas, just get me a handheld Dyson pretty please. I'm done , that's it, no more! I muttered as I fought with my crappy sweeping brush  just moments ago after dinner time and was loath to pull out... Continue Reading →

The family meal

We are encouraged these days to put away the smart phones and any form of screen at the table but after attempting to engage in conversation with the other half for the fourth time over dinner one evening last week, we admitted defeat and the screens were back out on the table. It wasn’t us... Continue Reading →

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