Today is a sad day ;)

I just uttered the words to my husband “don’t mind getting me jewellery or a bag for Christmas, just get me a handheld Dyson pretty please.

I’m done , that’s it, no more! I muttered as I fought with my crappy sweeping brush  just moments ago after dinner time and was loath to pull out the drag along hoover that’s entering its 10th year of life and is forever getting crap stuck in the pipe.

Did you know that corn on the cob has the ability to disperse itself from a toddlers mouth mid chew and end up EVERYWHERE?

Have you ever tried to sweep up corn on the cob?

If you haven’t don’t even try, skip the sweeping brush and head straight for the hoover unless you want to end up on your knees with a wipe ( yes baby wipes are brilliant for everything!) rubbing smushed in corn kernels from your dining room floor, under the table, off the skirting boards ..

Do you know what’s also a great food to tidy up after?

green beans

Green beans…

Oh look at all the peas in the beans Mammy , Oh aren’t they lovely and big and yummy  but please for the love of God just put them in your mouth after you have spent ten minutes dissecting the pod as opposed to scattering them on the floor – Just incase the sweetcorn kernels got lonely down there all on their own of course.

I have officially accepted the fact that I am envious of those women who usually moan about their husbands present choices. The men who bought the house something and not something just for their partners for birthdays/Mother’s day./Christmas.

I now want a big red ribboned handheld Dyson . I will be happy , I promise . It will be sooooo worth it!


In fact it doesn’t even need to be a Dyson, just something that doesn’t require constant battling with the cord or one tbat doesn’t constantly fling itself over on it’s back like a turtle every time I try and drag it along.

In fact I may have missed the boat, shite! My birthday was January and Mothers day was last weekend.

My dad did get me a Vax window cleaner though the other day and hands up I did smile when I saw it, no more scrunched up newspaper for my windows ,who hoo!

Wonder what else I can add to the list over the coming months as I embrace the houses needs and mine becoming one.

I’ve lasted nearly three years of bitching and muttering as I sweep until I eventually lug  out the hoover ,sure what’s another 9 months……

Small packages of course are and will always bechristmas pressie acceptable 😉

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  1. I used to snicker when my dad would buy my stepmom stuff for the home, but now I’m fully on that bandwagon!

    I bought a BISSELL PowerEdge Pet Hard vacuum a few months ago for $70, and it has been an awesome vacuum for us. Words great on corners and gets EVERYTHING, very easy to maneuver.


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