Coffee, the friend I love to hate.

I remember the day coffee became my best friend. Ok well best friend is probably a strong statement but when I explain why you might get why I am feeling the love for it right now. Anyone who knew me prior to the twins arrival, is still shocked at my now relationship with caffeine. It... Continue Reading →

Colour me bolognese

Admittedly a long time ago in sixth year (if my memory isn't failing me ,it may have been 5th year)one day the classroom door opened and in wafted a cloud of perfume followed seconds later by two women, made up to the nines, hair coiffed and carrying bags of make-up, scarves and other beauty paraphernalia.... Continue Reading →

As you both lay there

I am feeling very sentimental now with my "babies " no longer babies gone off to pre school and I am finding myself thinking back to the very early days of pregnancy to present day. I wrote this awhile back and have added to it as time has gone on. To B &A , love... Continue Reading →

I will always be Mama.

I will remember to my last days the first time I looked at your little red lips pursing up, the concentration and light of life in your crystal blue eyes as you, almost it seemed surprised yourself at the sound that came from your mouth. Mouths opened and out popped, Mamamamama. As a mother I... Continue Reading →

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