Giving the twins freedom and not losing any hair in the process.

There will come a day when you will give up your double buggy after one too many black eyes( I joke) from wrestling your twins into their seats . You will have had one too many stressful situations trying to manipulate two rigid kids into what they deem a medieval torture holding device and will find yourself in a sheer panic of “What the feck do I do now” ,when you want to go out and about.

To save you the stress of never ever feeling like you can venture outside again with two small toddlers, to stop you having nightmares of being on a walk and panicking as to who to run after first when both appear like they are walking a wild west draw walk. And to help you get outdoors once your twins need their independence but you still want your sanity ,two things saved us from a life cooped up indoors. One is slightly expensive but definitely worthwhile having whilst the other will raise eyebrows for some but look you need to get out with your kids so if it works for you ,do it!



Number one is the Twin trike.  I had to sneak ours out of the house only a few months ago even though it hadn’t been used in a long time. It was a firm favourite from the day we got it for the twins for their first birthday present. All of a sudden we could go out for walks, trips to the playground and it gave them 360 degree views , so everyone was happy. You will get lots of stares and lots of questions, it is striking looking but who cares you are all getting fresh air, getting shopping done etc.  So if anyone is wondering what to buy you for a first birthday present ,maybe ask a few people to chip in towards a Twin Tricycle. The buggy still remains to this day gathering dust in our hallway but I am not completely ready to part ways with that as of yet but the Trike was a great stepping stone to “freedom” for the twins and a brilliant investment.

trike baby


Number two, are , dare I mention the word, reins. When B started walking at 11 and a half months and A followed two weeks later I knew our time would be spent walking everywhere and anywhere they could. Living near a busy road with two kids who are loving the fact that toes which up to recently they stuffed in their mouths, now allowed them to get places on their own .

My explorers were ready for their first adventures and they didn’t always want to go on the same course. My arms were in danger of being pulled out of their sockets until other multiples mothers (arms intact!) advised me to look at reins.

These weren’t torturous chains that they strapped around their kids necks or wrists but cute little backpacks with straps and a wristband for parent attached.  Suddenly I saw an end to the tears from having to turn home , I saw freedom for the twins in shopping centres that they could walk safely ahead of us ,delighted in their little bit of freedom.

I saw them as a training tool to help them learn how to walk safely near roads, shopping centres and so on.  We train our children in all areas of their lives, we teach them how to roll over, go on all fours, crawl , walk . Why do people have an issue with an aid that keeps children safe, that assists in learning?

From day one the twins were delighted with their Minnie and Mickey mouse backpacks, each had a little snack, their dodie, and a toy packed away on their bag. They were able to walk that little further ahead or to the side of Mammy and Daddy . When on our own with them we would loop the handle over our arms and hold their hands ,teaching them to walk alongside us . And yes some people did stare, some kids did ask their parents why the babies had straps on them but more often that not the reactions we got were positive ones, smiles at the cuteness of the two lads strutting their stuff out and about.  I was lucky to be off last summer and without these as an added feeling of security we would not have been able to go on so many lovely days out exploring. To be able to go out as a multiple mam on your own walking in new places  during the early toddler years makes the world of difference to you all!

twins backpacks



Until someone is in a position where they have one baby running one way and the other baby running in the completely opposite direction don’t even acknowledge the look on their face should you feel the heat of their stare. Focus on the backs of your two little people revelling in their extensions from the one they love the most .



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