Soggy socks & sippy cups – From boob to beakers

Soggy socks set me off tonight on a trip down memory lane! As I squelched into the kitchen for the umpteenth time that evening for kitchen roll to mop up a pool of water on the ground I  smiled back fondly to days of simple choices of left or right. There was little to zero chance of having to mop up anything than a little bit of split milk as I breast fed the twins in the early days. Wet feet soon jolted me out of those lovely memories of feeding the twins and brought me straight back to the present day!

These days as we are nearing the end of our cycle of boob, bottle, sippy cups, beakers, non spill bottles, free flow bottles and onto cups I cannot believe the amount of time, energy and money us parents spend on an item to hold liquid for our children to drink/spill from.

Our first moment of frustration was bore from the many different bottles and teats that are out there in the marketplace. When my breastfeeding journey came to an end and solids were beginning ,with a cows milk intolerance with A and reflux with B to contend with it was vital the correct bottles were chosen.  Let’s just say the twenty Tommee Tippee bottles came in handy as paint mixing pots for himself , as nice as they were in terms of being as close to a human nipple as possible unfortunately they didn’t suit the twins  and they were shipped off out of the kids press to another room in the house.

So wallets a little less full we researched what to try next and then took out a bank loan for our next set of bottles, all hail Dr Brown. They worked ! Followed swiftly by mutterings at the sink that evening of hating washing those feckin things . Followed further by extensions to the loan to purchase said bottles for different flow teats and extra bottles when it became too much to wash the same six every feed cycle! 

I consider myself to be of normal intelligence but whilst these bottles resolved issues with wind and helped with the “S” word during the night ,in the beginning we did wonder was there a trick we were missing to the dismantling of these bottles every feed. Why would a baby’s bottle require online conferences with other mammies on how utterly time-consuming this chore was and what quick way there was to dismantle them. But they settled the kids so it was something that we put up with for a long long time. I cannot begin to tell you the absolute joy I felt when I donated the last Dr. Browns bottles and banished them from our house forever. To this day when I see them in the shop I personally tell Dr.B to feck himself ,followed swiftly by an acknowledgement of thanks for the wind resolution.


Along with new bottles during solids came the trial and error of the sippy cup . Every household in Ireland and beyond has a press full of cups, beakers, straws and missing parts from all these different makes and our house is the same. Starting out was easy , we got two own brand Mothercare from 4 months and upwards beakers and they did the job. The twins love affair with water began and to this day continues.

As they got bigger and thirstier it was time to buy bigger shelf ornaments. 

Rubber teats on beakers were not entertained and hurled on the floor sometimes leaving you in that momentary panic of “oh shit you’ve broken my toe,  with that thing” tears would come from me and then from the twins ,upset at seeing me crying. Cue rubber teat beakers promptly being relegated to the shelf . Beakers with inbuilt plastic straws became more chewed than our skirting boards from our dog when he was a puppy and joined their rubber friends on the no likey shelf.

sippy cup



And then a miracle happened. I was in Boots one day scratching my head at a sippy cup wondering how it worked. I had a blue and a pink one in each hand , shaking them at the twins  over excitedly and declaring these looked like lovely beakers and would they like them. The twins unable to answer of course being young babies  looked up at me from their buggy with dazed expressions possibly wondering why Mammy had an air of desperation about her. Then a lovely twin mam side stepped me and told me these cups would change everything, I swiftly bought them and never looked back. The Munchkin 360 cup was a life changer for us and I know for many other mams out there. They could be hurled across a room and not spill!!!! They could be drank the right way , wrong way , from any side, up or down and not spill !!!!! Granted they still hurt when they landed on your foot but after a brief few moments of confusion on how to work them (suck through the plastic bit )we never looked back. As the twins got older I bought two larger cups with no handles to help train them into using cups one day and to this day the tops are long screwed off and all four are used as beakers. This is a great selling point for me as other beakers/bottle are purely that and cannot change with your child as they grow up .


Anyway the story doesn’t end there because cocky now that my kids are brilliant and drink from cups I needed something new for out and about. Picking up two Tommee Tippee (sorry TT I am not picking on you )  free flow beakers I thought perfect job done. I WAS SO SO WRONG. Free flow anything and children do not mix, ever. It is like giving a hose to a child, they will want to spill water everywhere. Our arses have been wet more times from sitting down on the couch only to find a beaker stuffed behind the couch, on it’s side empty after spilling its entire contents down the cushions.  Lovely little pools of water exist all over the house for A’s animals to feed from or when B’s Blaze needs some water to cool down his blazing speed. My feet of course are always happy to be freezing cold for the night after squelching around in soggy socks for half the night as I run out of dry pairs from all the discoveries of water pit stops!

Who knows what the way forward is ? Cups are currently on trial, taken away but offered often yet this so far has turned into places for dinner to be hidden in so we might have to rethink that one quickly. Kids being kids saw nothing wrong with drinking  soggy Fish Stew from their cups last night and who am I to complain, dinner eaten and rehydrated in one go, happy days 🙂


spilt drink.jpg

6 thoughts on “Soggy socks & sippy cups – From boob to beakers

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  1. Oh that brings me back to the early days of Parenthood! I am still on the hunt for the perfect beaker for my eldest son, we’ve found a few good Tesco own brands after going through all the well known brands !
    Great little piece and mighty soggy socks ….x

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  2. Oh God, the bane of my existence right now. I swear a lot over it! Those Munchin 360 cups do spill when thrown, though – at least ours does … and my 16mo throws it all day long!! Fine with water … not so much with milk. I’m in search of a cup she’ll drink milk out of, as right now she will only take the bottle!!
    My oldest, 3.5y, drinks out of an open cup but sometimes tips it over at dinner. She likes to sing and flail her arms!!!


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