It’s a funny thing isn’t it!

When your baby is a newborn you can’t wait for them to smile,gurgle,burp ,fart even! Parents aren’t fussy, as long as they  do anything to just acknowledge they see you in their little worlds, you are happy/

You can’t wait for them to smile properly for the first time. You know that genuine first smile, the sparkle that lights up their teeney eyes ,a result usually from you spending the previous ten minutes making goggle eyes at them. That smile stays in your memories forever as one of the defining moments of being a parent.

You can’t wait then for them to lie on their tummy. Then the moment they finally after hell inducing tummy time, roll over.

The first time you tickle them and hear their chuckle. The chuckle you are convinced the world needs to hear and would sell millions of some form of baby paraphernalia!


The first tooth probably came before the roll over if you were lucky (or ahem -unlucky enough for early teething ).

Once the first tooth came it was onto the first time your baby tasted solid food after they sat up for the first time and could support themselves.

The first time they crawled backwards and then the tears and whoops of delight when they mastered the frontwards crawl.

Then a lot more firsts;

The first word – here’s where I would like to raise a point. I am sure every mother is with me here! I carried ye ,ye made me nauseous 24/7 and the first cute, recognisable word from your little mouth is Dada. I’m glad Daddy is happy from your first declaration but surely the least Mammy deserved was the first word…

Somewhere in this timeline the first time the babies finally slept through the night has a place. Unfortunately due to the long lasting affects of sleep deprivation from having twins who didn’t like sleep in the early days, my memory has yet to recover enough to remember the exact age this occurred.

The first standing up holding onto the couch.

The first shuffle along the couch to the other end .


And soon after  this comes the first steps. You sense it coming , one hand comes off the couch and then the other. Then tbey’re off!

 Captured on video to tear over time and time again , your baby is growing up.





The first climb (which has yet to stop nearly 3 years later) up the couch/table/windows etc.

The first proper hug , two teeney arms wrapped around you , the smell of their little soft silky hair nestled in to your breast. I never want those hugs ever to end!

Skip to the first spontaneous I love you Mammy, no matter how shite a day you have, one of these hug is guaranteed to ground you, to remind you what is really important.

And then one day your jaw hits the floor when your child is not just speaking in full sentences. They engage you in full conversation. They sing songs word for word, three verses deep with you at bedtime! They ask you to tell them stories. They enjoy you reading the non picture Faraway Tree book by Enid Blyton.

All of a sudden a state of panic overcomes you. Where, When and How did this happen?Where are those babies gone?

Toddlerhood is here in  the only way it can  be in full blown manic fun ,tantrums and excitement.

The brakes need to hold tight for a few moments longer. I miss my bump. I miss my babies and I know with preschool looming in September my toddlers worlds are going to have to expand even more and there will be less room for me. Such is life I suppose, as all parents with those who have long left home will attest to I am sure .

The kids are ready but are the parents ever ?

Are we ever really ready for the next stage of their lives?








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  1. My oldest is nearly 7 now, and I still feel like it was only a short while ago that I was pregnant with him. It is astounding how quickly time passes when you are raising young children!

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