Oh brain where art thou….

There’s a smell that’s lingering in my kitchen this evening and if you were to look in my kitchen sink and bin right now there’s three burnt pots, a 1Kg bag of carrots which earlier had been chopped into toddler bite size portions, two Butternut squashes (again chopped into teeney bites) four chopped up onions, four sweet potatoes ( toddler sized bites -did I mention…) all barely recogniseable as vegetables ,let alone the batch cooking soup I had spent AGES prepping and chopping only a little while earlier.
I say a little while because in actual fact thanks to bath-time and my inability to remember anything anymore it was more than a little while ago. It was  in fact enough time for three huge pots of chicken stock and veg to burn completely off.


Thanks babybrain!

Errrr can I call it asideeffectofhavingkidsbrain??

brain kids.jpg



The twins are three in July let my brain has yet to recover. Why is that ?
Why does this keep happening to my lovely pots? I’d love to say its the first time but there’s been so many times now over the last few years I am beginning to wonder are my poor pots destined for the pot graveyard. Thankfully the honeyed carrots I forgot about in the oven recently which nearly sent my Le Creuset casserole dish to its forever home was rescued by my mother after alot of scouring and scrubbing (thanks Mam! )

In the early days of sleep deprivation I was happy to accept the loss of some brain cells. Having twins on 1.5 hourly feeds, who had colic and reflux, who went through major sleep regressions and were model pupils of the Wonder week app was going to impact on my brain activity and I happily accepted that. I had my trusty notebook to replace my brain and then I moved to my phone and the reminders began to fill up. Reminders about reminders… began which I wrote about previously.

We all know that pregnancy shrinks your brain ( if this is news to you, I am sorry to be the bearer of this bad news, not only does your brain change to protect your body and your little ones on board, it also shrinks in size in the third trimester). Apparently it returns to normal size with some minor alterations by the time your baby is six months old but I dare you to argue this with me. Well you probably will win that argument given my inability to retain certain facts these days.

Why else would I have had that “nightcap” on a recent night out ? Lots of drink had been drank, the status was merry to say the least, but yet I seemed to forget that toddlers and hangovers don’t mix. Guess what mixes less? A really bright sunny day after the night before which makes said toddlers want to go outside and stay outside when all you want to do is wallow on the couch swearing blind never again ,with Blaze on repeat on the TV to try and keep them from climbing all over your aching body and pounding head.


I have still yet to recover from brushing my teeth with Germolene when the twins were a few months old. We can thank sleep deprivation and the fair whack of cells I lost the night before for that lovely experience. 


It’s not all bad…

I have become brilliant yet crap all at once. I’ve raised twins with only minor mishaps along the way beyond newborn and into kid status ,that may never win me an award but academia was never for me anyway.

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