You know you are a seasoned Mother when

Your shoe pile grows in terms of flats and runners and not heels. Hoodies and rain coats are fast outnumbering your other jackets, short leather coats aren't known for their waterproofness.¬† The first thing you do after a holiday is to get the washing on and then sit down for a glass of wine. Not... Continue Reading →

Me time or the dishes?

It has been a few months since I wrote this post about Me time or the lack thereof in which parents do not get much of and I have been reflecting recently on how busy life really is. I am laughing to myself as I read back on my ramblings in this post as I... Continue Reading →

10 things that make me happy

LadyNicci has me all a fluster trying to think of only ten things that make me happy. I'm not too happy that I am about to detox until Christmas so this list will be a memory for when I am finding things tough over the coming months. Outside of the usual suspects of the kids,... Continue Reading →

Oh brain where art thou….

There's a smell that's lingering in my kitchen this evening and if you were to look in my kitchen sink and bin right now there's three burnt pots, a 1Kg bag of carrots which earlier had been chopped into toddler bite size portions, two Butternut squashes (again chopped into teeney bites) four chopped up onions,... Continue Reading →

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