To the people in the queue

I am feeling really unwell today and need an early night,hence no new blog post this evening. However since I have had lots of lovely new followers to my blog over the last while, I wanted to share one of my most popular pieces with you that I wrote last year. The twins are nearly... Continue Reading →

Gender Neutral BS

It's all gone a little bit mad and too PC for my liking these days. We see it everywhere but for me since becoming a mam to boy/girl twins over the last two and a half years sometimes I feel like running to buy the most over the top sparkliest girly girl dress I can... Continue Reading →

Me Time

Does any of this sound familiar to you ? I wrote this the other night as I forced myself to stay awake a few minutes longer to have some "me time " . It's 11.30pm I should have been in bed hours ago but I am enjoying some "me time" . I say enjoying in reality... Continue Reading →

Cookies for breakfast

Ok so I may have indulged in a little white lie this evening as myself and my two sous chefs baked cookies just before bedtime. For these cookies are to be consumed in the morning for breakfast and whilst I will hold my hands up and admit that sometimes a Rich tea biccie may have... Continue Reading →

Peek a Poo

Have I caught your attention ? From the minute our children enter the world we talk about poo. I bet it doesn't take much to cast your mind back to that lovely first meconium .. It's something we get to know in such intimate detail from that very first experience  to the not so pleasant... Continue Reading →

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