Cookies for breakfast

Ok so I may have indulged in a little white lie this evening as myself and my two sous chefs baked cookies just before bedtime. For these cookies are to be consumed in the morning for breakfast and whilst I will hold my hands up and admit that sometimes a Rich tea biccie may have passed the twins lips before 10am these may contain a little mammy deceit.

We had great fun mashing ripe bananas, pouring in two cups of porridge oats, half a cup of raisins( the wooden spoon swatting away little fingers from picking them all out) drizzling some honey and golden syrup followed by a glug of Orange Juice . Then I had to get creative and here is how it went

“What are those Mammy ” as they eyed up the chia seeds suspiciously – Teeney tiny chocolate chips was my reply , in they went, Phew!

next up was sunflower seeds, they went in as Sunshine seeds -not too distant from the truth ,we need the sun to stay happy . In they went, Whoop !


Mammy, yummy, you’re putting icecream in thems herself said in absolute delight as she watched me melt down the coconut oil before pouring it into the mix… Who am I to argue with a 2.5year old so even though I held my hand up and admitted it wasn’t icecream she continued to sing her little icecream in the cookie song not accepting my answer such is the fact that a toddler is always right.



Two very happy kids are gone to bed tonight looking forward to milk and hot cookies for breakfast in the morning ! The smell coming from the oven was too much too resist however and the plate might be short a few come morning time.

I won’t win awards for the pic of them but believe me they taste yum and are jammed packed with goodness, not for every day  but every once in awhile its good to indulge in cookies for breakfast:)


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    1. well I just ate a second one just now so they’ve passed mine ;0) and the raw taste test with the kids went well. I will let you know the official results in the morning


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