The Mammy wardrobe

It was as I was packing for a long overdue few days away with the other half that I glanced down at the suitcase contents with a frown on my face. Swiftly unpacking half the case I reminded myself this was a break away without the twins and as a result I was free to wear what I wanted.

“Mammy clothes” were not required, I must admit I don’t fully subscribe to altering my clothing that much since the twins arrived (outside of the boob accessible clothing in the early feeding days) but accidents happened along the way which made me change my approach to certain items of clothing.

Here’s what I have learned along the way ;



If you must wear a cute Summer dress consider what’s underneath very carefully

Going food shopping in the early days during the very short summer we had when the twins were born (as in blink and you will miss it summer ) resulted in me flashing random strangers in the Supermarket carpark. My lovely A-Line dress threw caution to the summer winds as I loaded one twin back into the car and then sheepishly had to go through the whole mortifying experience again on the other side with the other baby.

I will say no more on that one other than consider leggings or tights or perhaps consider a slip, failing that I can see the attraction that granny knickers might have in this scenario. What didn’t work so well whilst carrying a carseat was the waddle with the dress tucked between my legs. Oh and did I mention I then had to load the boot with the shopping and lift the dead weight of my buggy into the boot, no amount of tucking in worked there!


Boob Flashing Tops

Tops with lower necklines somehow attracted my two to no end, this is a-past our feeding journey but I always ended up with hands stuffed down my top, it’s a comfort thing no doubt but none the less I don’t want strangers getting an eyeful.

Plastic bags are the new black

Any clothing item that is not black – who knew carrots stained? Yes I think we all know the colour of spaghetti hoops, chocolate, bread…. My kids have the ability to stain an item of clothing in less than five seconds, and that is only their own clothes. I swiftly learned early on even milk stained black clothing so the best thing really to do is cover myself and every surface with black plastic bags.


Dangly sparkly things for babies to pull off you

Jewellery – I am not one for those necklaces you see for sale in shops that may aswell have a sign specifically stating how child enticing they are but I did again in the early days see nothing wrong with wearing bracelets and simple necklaces. How wrong was I? I think the lads were less than a month old and my first necklace was broken. It’s only now at 2 and a half that I am really venturing to wear a watch and necklaces during the day again.


These days I tend to wear flatter shoes or boots still somewhat nice looking but with a wedge which lends itself very well to help me leg it after a toddler who has decided to make a dart for freedom.

There is no sense in the early days to wearing high heels, the first point being I was stuck underneath two babies for several months and didn’t really get out to wear any shoes, fluffy socks were the order of the day and still are!

Even now heels are reserved purely for the rare night out and I almost welcome the excuse to wear flats the following day.


Let’s not go there again for fear it will set me off, but see here for my lamenting of small little cute handbags versus the trunks that I carry around these days.

Back to the items that did make check-in and into the suitcase went some dresses with no leggings in sight, although I will admit the black tights did make their way in due to the fact that I don’t warm up until August. Cream jeans which I managed to destroy with food stains before take-off but let’s not focus on that & high heels (for limited daytime wear!)

All in all totally a non stereotypical toddler friendly wardrobe.

The ultimate toddler friendly dressing resumed on my return , PJ’s and a dressing gown with the pockets stuffed with dodees, wrappers , broken parts and wheels off toys, a thermometer and the bane of my life which are random pieces of lego which never make it back to the 3 different lego boxes residing in the play area for some reason.

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