You will always be your mammy’s baby

At 39 years of age and after having minor surgery over the last few days I am reminded how lucky I am to have my mam and the fact that no matter how grown up I think I am that I will always be her child.

I look at the twins now speeding through the months with their third birthday coming in the summer and I don’t think there will ever be a second that I don’t consider them my babies. In fact we both find that we correct ourselves these days  from calling them babies because they have left the baby far behind in this very mature toddler era! Even one little made up song I sing to them every night before bed without fail that references baby boy and baby girl I now get reprimanded in a very serious manner that they are a big boy and big girl and to change the words to suit.Yet they still ask me to sing this song as a little comforter from their Mammy just before they nod off.

And it’s when they are both cuddling into my arms, eyelids starting to flicker, their bodies snuggled deep into the crook of my arm, relaxing with legs now hanging off my lap that I can breath in my children, kiss their soft heads and whisper a little thanks for my babies.


Nana is adored by the twins, as is Granny and we are so lucky that they have such a close relationship with their grandparents. Seeing them smiling, laughing ,playing with my kids make me wish our memories extended back to the very early years so I could remember the time I sat snuggled on her lap as a baby. I can easily imagine from the cuddles my two get how it was like for us and I have memories of a lovely childhood and luckily there’s lots of pictures to reminisce over.

Life is hectic with two toddlers and without fail mam is there to help ,my kitchen owes its tidiness to her! And our bellies are full from the batch cooking she has done for us for the weekend so we don’t have to cook dinners whilst himself has the kids and I recover. I don’t thank her enough for being there for us and the kids, never mind her own health battles which can at times be draining and tough. Having raised her children she is helping me raise mine and testament to the love the twins feel for her shows how good a mam she is to me.

I still get a kiss on the head when she leaves the house and  I will be chasing my two back from the door the day they try to leave me without getting their kiss on the cheek.

Because as the saying goes it is indeed true that you will always be your parents babies, no matter how old you are and how mature and independent you think you have become. And to be honest it is nice sometimes to forget for a split second that you are an adult too.


So happy Mothers day to an amazing mam and nana, I love you. To Granny , the godmammies and aunties ye are the best.



To all the women who have being a  positive influence or role model to a child, thank you.  To those who long dearly to be a mam and will half smile through today I’m thinking of you. To those who mourn their angels with today being just that little bit harder, take care of yourself. To those whose mams are no longer with them ,mind yourself  x


For me I will reflect back to the Friday morning in July ’14 at 8am when my two entered the world in a hurry and our journey through lots of bed rest in between to make sure they arrived safe and sound at 35 weeks. To where they are now, never ending bundles of amazing energy. Full of life,love and laughter with a few bumps in between .But have truly made me the happiest and probably tiredest mammy . But as they all say I wouldn’t have it any other way xx


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