Mothers day desires

It’s a universal list I think judging from all the other great posts I’ve read all week , kind of like a one size fits all in what we really would like for Mother’s day.


Loo trips

The ability to go to the loo in peace ranks up there quite highly. Miss A in particular seems to think I like nothing more than hearing her screeching for me every time I dare step out of her line of sight so I think a nice little basket of Earplugs left on top of the loo is a good starting point as a pressie.






More earplugs

Actually lets ask for more earplugs because you know those nights that are your night off nights.Those nights during a spell of #whywon’tmykidssleep nights and you and your other half take it in turns to endure the zombieshuffle back and forth to the kids bedrooms. But for some reason when it’s your night to sleep, the minute you hear the kids calling you nearly have to pretie yourself to the bed so the inner mammy doesn’t get up to go to them. Nonetheless even though it’s your night of sleep you end up getting less because your supersonic hearing can hear every sniffle and whimper, so yes EARPLUGS and more of them please to the list.







A Second dinner plate 

Why would my little darlings eat their own dinner when my plate is ripe for their little hands to dive into. So for me I would like some more plates ,ideally laid out with two toddler portions on it so they can think they are eating my dinner when in actual fact every time clumsy mammy bends down to pick up her fork they don’t realise I am in fact eating my dinner from underneath.



Oh did I mentioned sleep already?




The real lie- in

I think earplugs may be needed here again because to be fair the other half and myself have a good weekend “routine” (and proud we have one too!) We both get a few extra hours on a weekend morning in bed while the other one is having fun downstairs judging from the sounds that echo up the hallway. In fact I think I need more earplugs for my weekend lie-in. But what I really want here is a real lie-in ,remember those days back at ahem college when you didn’t surface until 2/3/4pm in the day? I don’t even want the drink the night before these days I just want to see those hours on my clock when I open my eyes. A complete and utter self indulgent lazy day!




Handmade gifts

I’m a sucker for anything the kids made, I am one of those who has dreamed of having my fridge covered in kids drawings. Luckily as himself is a talented artist the twins love when Daddy does drawing with them. Somehow my matchstick people just can’t compete with his Blaze and Elsa replicas on paper. No matter what the occasion is I am always guaranteed a handmade card drawn by the kids with a little help from Daddy and seeing their little proud faces as I open my surprise melts me every time.

Whilst I am dreading them starting preschool this year I cannot wait for all the little lolipop stick picture frames and plastic bottle jewellery cases to start coming home!

And their homemade presents by daddy are always better than my feeble attempts;

my daddys day.jpg



The ability to sleep during the day outside the home

Is a nice phrase I have coined for the SPA trip. My first present from the other-half and the twins included a spa trip. In the past I got my massage never bothering with the other facilities. On that occasion I think I wore a path between the outdoor jacuzzi ,indoor hydrotherapy and I ate every single piece of the fruit in the fruit bowl and knocked the small glass of Prosecco nearly licking the sides ,the fruit which I would have never eaten before ,the drink was always drunk… Once I was kicked out of the spa it was onto a solo lunch in a busy restaurant , did I care ? Ha not an iota!  I was able to eat that duck salad and drink that wine ( much to the disgust of the table of women eating cake and tea beside me- wine before dinner oh my !) I reckon they were jealous ….


So should any offers pop up anywhere I am sure all mammies alike would welcome a sleep on a massage table, you can’t go wrong!


Enjoy your day tomorrow and to any women who has made a positive impact in a child life this day is for you too x



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  1. Reblogged this on DodeestoDaquiris and commented:

    As we approach Mothers day 2018 my wishlist from 2017 has not changed that much. We are going through another rough patch of sickness so sleep continues to be as elusive as ever. It’s been a year of ups and downs since last Mothers day but as my two grow up I am as proud as ever to be their Mammy. (Just give me a run of a few weeks of sleep )


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