Rediscovering Limerick’s People’s park

An appointment in Limerick city brought me down the road from the People’s park, located off Pery square in the Georgian quarter of Limerick. The last time I was there with himself and the twins was for a foodtruck festival a few months back but we only stuck to the foodtruck part with the rain on the day. The park is away from the main shopping area of Limerick city, but close by to the train station for those visiting and with one of the largest Georgain streetscapes in Ireland in this area it is well worth a stroll up to the park, taking in the architecture and stopping by the statue of Daniel O’Connell in the Cresent, and continuing to the Tait Clock, a gothic style clock tower, in Baker place.

However earlier this week the sun was shining, the twins were looking to burn off some energy and they spotted the playground through the bushes so I had little choice with four little arms pulling me in the gates! When something is not too far from your doorstep( 25 minute drive) you can often forget how nice it is , after spending a lovely few hours in the park I will add it to the list of places to bring the kids again during the time off this Summer.

park 8

Not alot of parks have an art gallery at its entrance and you will find the Limerick city Gallery of Art to the right of the main entrance gates, entry is free and taking after their artist Daddy ,the twins enjoyed a quick walk around the ground floor temporary and permanent exhibitions. They also fully enjoyed Zest cafe’s muffins and I enjoyed the coffee even more. Zest cafe is located off the gallery’s ground floor, and was a welcome break after a few hours of running around. Limerick locals will be familar with Zest in other areas of Limerick and their salads and cakes are to die for !

park 10 cupcakes gallery.jpg

In the park itself you will find a  fully fenced large playground suitable from baby to 10 years of age with all the usual pieces to keep the kids entertained.

My two love exploring and we had great fun running from the drinking fountain to the bandstand and gazebo. Lots of fun was had at the giant pillar memorial to Thomas Spring Rice, (an MP to the city from 1820-1835) running around the pillar and rolling down the slopes nearly crashing into the beautiful roses surrounding it.

park 2

park use bandstandpark 5park 1

The gardener has to get a mention as the flowers throughout add a beautiful splash of colour to the landscape and nearly every flowerbed required sniffing by the kids!

park 6 use

So if you are visiting Limerick for the day or like me living in the county and don’t visit town too much ,make sure when you do to bring the kids for a run about or just a stroll yourself and take a seat on one of the various benches dotted throughout the park and enjoy the views!

park use this

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