And so yere adventures begin

I will give you a squeeze a hug and a kiss

My squeeze will be tighter than usual, my hug lingering a few seconds longer

My kiss may turn into ten,

But bear with me, stay in my arms that little longer.

Let me blow that last kiss to find its home in your heart

It will keep you warm, keep you safe and its magic will dry up any tears that might spill.


Your big day has come, your little heart is beating slightly faster than normal as you tell me how excited you are for Pre-school tomorrow.  You are my big little boy and my big little girl but you will always be my babies. I see a little wobble in your lips as we chat about how you will both take care of each other, mind each other if you are feeling scared. Know that my lip is wobbling too behind my smile. Fill your classroom with your biggest smiles.

Soak up all the fun and explore, play lots and fill your memories with lots of stories to tell me from your first day. Enjoy your adventure, be kind to others and leave no-one alone, they might be feeling a little sad too and need a pal to play with.

New friends will be made and ye may separate for hours on end but keep an eye out for your best pal and remember my magic kiss stored in your heart if you feel a little scared. Think of how it is twinkling love down on you, how it makes you warm inside and remember Mammy is always with you.

And at the end of the day when your lids start to droop and your feet get tired, know that Mammy will be collecting you soon and she is very proud of you both, her little troopers B&A xx I love you both to the moon, the stars and all through the Milky way ,where all my kisses are waiting to come sprinkling down on you both xx

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  1. My little man started school on Friday so this is definitely something I can relate to. Hope it all goes well, preschool is so amazing for parents as well as kids!Lovely post, Adelle, well done:)


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