Calling time on toy adverts

In the space of the last 5 minutes Santa’s list has expanded by a further few hundred euro. No I didn’t just go through the toy catalogue with the kids ( when I did this the bill stopped at around  four thousand euro, I kid you not). I did in fact make the mistake of not fast forwarding the adverts.

We are in mid September and I have noticed over the past few weeks and especially since the school days have returned the amount of toy ads on the T.V have increased ten-fold.

At first it was cute. Aaww of course darling let’s write that down on your letter to Santa, and if you are a good boy and girl you might get lucky and get what you ask for. However remember Santa might not be able to get all the toys for all the boys and girls.  Fast forward a few weeks and it’s more a case of , kids the novel you have both written to Santa is now sent off to the editor and is at final draft ready for print. There can be no more additions, we have run out of paper and patience at the ever-growing list and demands.

The telly isn’t even on that much since we are all out of the house from early until late so in the space o small amount of time each evening the cunning ” toy people” get my kids to ask me for everything and anything they push out through the screen.  An advert can be on for literally five seconds and we hear the repetitive “can I ask Santa for that”, the ad has barely established what “that” even is and we are already been asked to add it to the Santa letter.


Since turning off the T.V. completely until December 25th isn’t an option I have decided that I need to only allow recorded shows be watched by the kids. Secondly an adult must have the remote control firmly in hand ready to press fast forward to get us through anymore requests for random toys. Poor Santa is going to be extremely confused as to what the kids actually would love to ask for at this rate!

Even better if Santa would be kind enough to bring me an annual subscription to Netflix I can see that coming in very handy indeed and we can skip adverts forever and I can finally shed my Netflix envy of everyone. And if he wouldn’t mind giving me my present early that would be very much appreciated.


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  1. I feel your pain! The 2 year old has started to say “ask Santa for it ” at every ad 😦 We now watch recorded programmes and try and fast forward through the ads ! The Smyths catalogue is another story 🙈


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