He said,she said-Dressing the kids

I am delighted that I got to have a healthy discussion/debate with the other half on dressing the kids,thanks to Ross from @Thestentedpapa.

It will probably come as no surprise to those who follow my Friday fashion series that I have a serious kids clothing addiction! My husband on the other half was in a sweat earlier this evening when I reminded him I was away with work for the next few days. Expecting to hear some nice term of endearment before I went to bed tonight, the following words fell from his lips,

” Will you please leave out their clothes for the next few days, I haven’t a clue what “creche clothes” are”.

For those not in the know they are the clothes that are about to go past their use by date, maybe a top has been destroyed by Spaghetti Bolognese forever and has a few orange stains on it, or by the next growth spurt will be gone too small- these are creche clothes and they have their own dedicated shelves in both kids rooms.


As part of Ross’ #HeSaidSheSaid series he has invited bloggers on to get things off their chests that might otherwise bubble under the marriage surface forever, in our case it was perfect to “chat\” about dressing the kids.

Have a read here http://thestentedpapa.com/2017/10/04/said-said-bloggers-ed-15-dees-daquiris/

or here ;



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