What is going on with eyebrows

Right I have a brow to pluck with you, sorry pardon the pun I couldn’t resist, but I cannot hold it in any longer.

What the bleep is going on with eyebrows these days??

I am all for brows framing the face, I get the importance of them in having a finished look. I know some people have to fill them in, if like me during the Leaving cert studying I absentmindedly picked half an eyebrow out, or those who are go through medical treatments. Some suffer hair loss and other ailments and need to seek beauty treatments to replace lost hair  but why do I now see eyebrows walking around me everywhere these days.

I passed a group of younger girls today, well it took a second for me to distinguish what I was walking apast. I saw all these harsh black lines looking down at what looked like mobile phones. Said phones were casting a beautiful glow (no need for highlighter) on these harsh lines and it was then I realised there were real life humans underneath them.

On a recent night out, a pair of brows walked into the bathroom and I had to rub my own cocktail fuelled eyes to make sure I wasn’t hallucinating. Why would anyone want two mustaches replacing their arches?

Now I don’t get time these days to get my brows done,and maybe I am a tad envious I have never had HD brows done. My brows are never as tidy as when I get them waxed but I reckon I am ok at plucking and filling parts in with a subtle eye pencil/powder. I really do fail to understand all the terminology that is out there on offer these days so I won’t even try but how does it take seven steps now to get the perfect brow?

Like everything else in beauty is about achieving more with less, products have evolved and one palette can nearly give you a whole made up face ,but nope those two arches of hair take seven steps now to achieve perfection.

I think we are on the cusp of the evolution of the brow. Over the last century we have gone from natural to pencilled, thin to bushy to the current (in some cases) caterpillar on your face trend to let’s admit beautifully filled arches of perfection. It is time to call bullshit on overtreated brows and brave the next new trend. What that will be God only knows but I know for one that I probably will never get the time to get that done either!

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