Charity single released today for the Irish Cancer Society, show your support.

Unfortunately one in two people will develop cancer in this lifetime and funds are always needed in the fight against cancer and for cancer research.  As you might know my family has been closely affected by cancer over the last few years and seeing the waiting rooms fill indiscriminately with young and old we all need to play our part in helping fight for those who are going through this awful disease and to protect as many in the future as we can.

I am delighted to get behind this new charity single that was launched today by the Eclipse Stage School in Dublin.The project has been the brainchild of creative director and choreographer, Kenneth Giles (27) from Kilbarrack, Dublin. Eclipse Stage School’s ‘I Lived‘ was originally written by American band One Republic and will be available on all digital platforms fromThursday morning to help the work of the Irish Cancer Society.

Aslan’s Christy Dignam and Joe Jewell dropped into rehearsals with the North Dublin based 80-piece vocal group this week to give the students (aged from 4 to 19) from across Dublin advice and mentor them on their road to releasing their debut single.

Cancer affects every family in Ireland and the world at some point in time and after a brush with the condition himself last year at the age of 26, Kenneth decided to dedicate a special project to helping others in need to coincide with the 10th anniversary of the award winning stage school he owns.
A rare form of skin cancer developed under Kenneth’s eye twice in the space of one year which doctors said is usually only seen in people of age 50+. Developed from repeated sun damage, he says he never even realised the damage normal every day sun can do over time. “I’ve had some sun burn when on holidays which definitely added to the damage but I never realised Irish sun without protection, repeatedly on your skin can cause so much damage”.

Sun protection and health within day to day life needs to be at the centre of attention among young people and old in Ireland as over 50% of young people are now using sun beds, tanning injections or over exposing themselves to sun rays whilst on holidays without knowing the true effects it can have on the body and skin. Now, with a tax on sunbeds brought in during the Budget 2018, the Government are trying to get a hold on this terrible disease. 

‘I Lived’ is a song which focuses on living every moment of life and being able to say you have done it all. The song was recorded and produced at Herbert Studios were some of the biggest names in music have recorded including Muse, Snow Patrol and Gavin James.
The Kilbarrack (North Dublin) based group have recently launched the single at the Aviva Stadium performing at the annual CancerConference and in the past number of years picked up awards for Best Stage School in Ireland, Dance Group of the Year and have performed at many venues including the RDS, Croke Park Stadium and the O’Reilly Theatre, Belvedere College were they will hold their 10th birthday show on November 3rd.

Please show your support and help in the fight against all cancers by downloading the track here  –  and it is available to download across all platforms.

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