Treat yourself on Valentines day

As romantic as I can be, at times, when I have the energy these days! I don't generally buy into the whole Valentines day thing. Over the years we have cooked meals at home, because the whole overpriced, rush in and out restaurant meal never appealed to us and we do gift cards but here... Continue Reading →

Me time or the dishes?

It has been a few months since I wrote this post about Me time or the lack thereof in which parents do not get much of and I have been reflecting recently on how busy life really is. I am laughing to myself as I read back on my ramblings in this post as I... Continue Reading →

Happy World book day

As the day closes I wanted to celebrate #worldbookday with my memories from childhood and memories with the twins .   I think I may be a teeney bit more excited than the kids as these are the first non picture/text books I have read to them but they enjoyed the covers and a few... Continue Reading →

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