Book review The Quiet Truth by Sharon Thompson

The Quiet Truth is the third novel from Sharon Thompson and once again I am drawn in from the very beginning of this character driven historical fiction.

What is the book about

When Charlie Quinn returns to Northern Ireland, having spent sixty years in Canada, the people he left behind are shocked to see him. They presumed he was dead.

But Charlie has come back for one reason. Ella, the love of his life and a notorious child murderer, is back in the headlines and Charlie wants the truth to finally emerge.

As he looks back at his life, we learn that nothing is as it seems.

Is Ella really a killer?

Does Charlie know more than it appears?

And can two lost souls get to live happily ever after?

Life isn’t easy. But death is the most challenging thing of all…

Learning of Ireland and Canada’s recent past and how Irish children were let down by both countries as a direct fallout of the British home children in this novel, was a saddening fact of our past here in Ireland and I was not aware that had happened up to the mid 1900s. Sharon has cleverly told this story through the main character Charlie Quinn. Whilst at times it was difficult to take on board what these lost children went through the author worked her way through these dark moments in the book leaving me with a thirst to finish the book in two sittings. We learn of Charlie’s everlasting complex love for Ella and this drove the need to finish the book , to discover the secrets they kept and what spurred Charlie to return to Ireland after all these years. Told through a distant family relation ,a journalist ,this character Rhona reacts as I did as a reader of Charlie and Ella’s story and asks the questions going around in your head as you get drawn further into the story.

Testament to Sharon in all her works to date is her ability to make you feel for the characters, to become personally vested in them and it is no different in The Quiet Truth. The Quiet Truth is a dark and emotive, excellently written historical fiction which I thoroughly enjoyed and will stay with me for some time ,wanting to know more.

The Quiet Truth is due for release on the 9th of December and Sharon’s previous works which are well worth adding to your Christmas must read list are linked below.

I was sent a digital copy of The Quiet Truth ahead of release in return for review.
 Novel ‘The Healer’
Novel ‘The Abandoned’
@sharontwriter Irish author.

About the author

Sharon Thompson is a best selling novelist. Among her successes are, The Abandoned (Jan 2018) and The Healer (Jan 2019), with The Quiet Truth due out in December 2020. Sharon founded a successful online writing group called Indulgeinwriting and mentors fellow emerging writers to publication.

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