Book review : We need to talk about the conditions of my imprisonment..And other funny parenting stories.

I was lucky enough to be gifted a pre-release copy of this hilarious anthology of parenting stories and found myself with a sore neck from nodding my head in agreement and wiping tears from my eyes at alot of the stories in this compilation.


The blurb :

We Need to Talk About the Conditions of my Imprisonment …and other funny parenting stories is a funny, quirky and original collection of short stories revolving around the less-than-favorable aspects of parenting.

If you’ve ever found yourself eating chocolate in the bathroom while hiding from your children, tearing your hair out as your bundle of sweetness and joy decorates the living room wall with their dinner for the umpteenth time, or pacing the floor, Zombie-like, as they cry the house down at three in the morning for reasons only they understand, then this is the book for you!

Compiled by Michelle Tan and containing contributions from some of the most popular writers from the parenting community, this book promises to be the humorous antithesis to all those ‘How To Be A Perfect Mother’ books out there.


From Alice Hanby’s pre-schooler CV piece which I am living right now with the twins to now having the fear of  the big school run with Alan from OMGitsagirl’s depiction of what I  am sure is a reality given I already experience a lot of this on the pre-school run!! I now know for sure the twins are gifted from reading “Is your child gifted” by Gemma Nuttal.

I could in fact call out all the stories as I think I have lived through nearly all of them as a parent but I don’t want to take away the surprise but let me just say this is a welcome relief injected with lots of humor, to know again as parents we stand united 🙂

The book is now on release and you can purchase it here , happy reading and get ready for lots of belly laughs !


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