One for him, one for her and one for Mammy. Competition time.

So with Black Friday domineering everything here in Ireland the last week I reckon everyone has had their fill of browsing online for clothing and bargains! So I decided to do a little competition and as always there is something for him, for her and for Mammy.

I am passionate about reading, from a young age I adored reading and the apples have not fallen far from the tree with the twins following in my footsteps. Books are something to treasure, some come and go and some remain around to go back to time and time again.  For me one of my highlights as a parent is the bedtime story. There is nothing more heartwarming and special to me than having my children tucked in to my arms, either side of me as we read of far away lands at the top of the Faraway tree, of paperdolls going on adventures and of a snail on the tail of a whale sailing the world.

Hands down our favourite books as a family as Benji Bennett’s Adam books. Sadly Adam is no longer with us, but that hasn’t stopped his Dad Benji sharing the adventures Adam and his siblings go on around the world and beyond. They are accompanied by Fluff, Adam’s cloud pal and I am only waiting for the day Benji decides to release a stuffed toy of Fluff because it would be a huge hit in this house!

What I adore about these books is the sense of family and the pure love that comes through so beautifully through all the stories. In one book there is a big family hug at the end and this is something we do nearly every night now, regardless of whether we have read “Adam” that night. The illustrations are just amazing and we spend as much time pouring over the pages at the images before us. And a bonus is that there is an educational element to these books too, I am still in shock that my then two-year olds were able to tell me about King Tutankhamun and all the planets in the solar system. Now over three years of age it’s fantastic to see them remember history and recognise famous wonders of the world in other books and programs on television.


So I asked himself, B, what his favourite Adam book is and he didn’t hesitate in telling me that it is Adam’s Amazing Space Adventure.When I asked herself, A, she was quick to say her favourite is Adam’s World of Wonder.  And whilst we have all books, I decided based on the twins confirmation of their favourites, to run a little competition just in time for Christmas.

books adam


If you want to have a look at some of the other books in the collection you can pop over to . We now proudly own all books, outside of one! and I plan to put Adam saves Christmas and Benji’s new book Adam saves the seasons in the twins Christmas Eve box. We also own the jigsaw which the twins at just over three are well able for and it is lovely to play with this and put together the park and play scene in one of the Adam stories.


And for Mammy, I have a fabulous Chanel nail varnish in very festive red colour and a French Connection set up for grabs.



So what do you have to do to enter?

Pop over to my Facebook page or over on Instagram @Dodeestodaquiris for more detail on how to enter.


Best of luck everyone!



This competition is open to Ireland and UK residents only.

All items have been paid for by DodeestoDaquiris.

This is not sponsored  nor is it affiliated by Facebook, WordPress or Instagram

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