He said,she said-Dressing the kids

I am delighted that I got to have a healthy discussion/debate with the other half on dressing the kids,thanks to Ross from @Thestentedpapa. It will probably come as no surprise to those who follow my Friday fashion series that I have a serious kids clothing addiction! My husband on the other half was in a... Continue Reading →

Does the worry ever leave?

We need you to lie on your left hand side in this bed and only get up for the toilet for the next few weeks. We need you to get to 26 weeks to intervene if they come early. Let me start by saying we are living a happy ending but I will admit that... Continue Reading →

Hell work -aka Housework

If you ever pay a visit to my house, chances are you will not fully appreciate the effort we have gone to in the hour of panic before you arrive. I’ve never been a Monica about cleaning, it doesn’t fill me with glee when I see my reflection in my kitchen tiles, ( hence why... Continue Reading →

Oh brain where art thou….

There's a smell that's lingering in my kitchen this evening and if you were to look in my kitchen sink and bin right now there's three burnt pots, a 1Kg bag of carrots which earlier had been chopped into toddler bite size portions, two Butternut squashes (again chopped into teeney bites) four chopped up onions,... Continue Reading →

What’s in a name?

A whole lot actually and more than some of you would care to believe. When it came to naming the twins we really were not prepared for the minefield of trying to come up with two boys names, two girls names and a boy &girl’s name! Hours were spent as all excited parents to be... Continue Reading →

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