Because You are worth it


Although your  head may not thank you.
I just pulled a 22 hourer..
The kids weren’t sick  ( tip wood as I write this because dare I mention sickness something always happens )
I wasn’t working late in the day job.
I wasn’t catching up on season two of any box set I started in earnest whilst pregnant and then never got a chance to go back to.
Nope none of the above ,  I went out and then stayed out and then out some more !
Let me start by saying I’m not condoning binge drinking and let’s be honest as a parent it’s just not worth it these days ,especially the following days recovering with toddler twins who sense mammy is a little delicate and decide to play cars on her head or decide that want to play with the loudest toy they own.
All of this common sense and logic went out the window when I recently  stumbled across the chance to get glammed up whilst simultaneously helping raise funds for our local nicu unit. They were amazing to our twins where they had a short stay after birth and  a ball was being held to raise funds for an eeg machine for the unit so it was a chance for me to say thank you from our family and help a worthwhile cause and a chance for  my fellow twin mammies to have a long overdue night out.
Curling tongs were dusted off , the glittery very insensible high heels were squeezed into and the glam dress  (which was a bit loose since i last wore it a year ago -yey!)came out of the spare wardrobe and I was off to the ball.
Cue several cocktails, some wine ,good food and maybe a few more sips in between, a gorgeous meal and entertainment from a great band  (The “late late show” band ) . A great laugh catching up with the other women who get what’s it’s really like to be a twin mammy and then  it was somehow 5am and we were only venturing home.
The night had flown as we chatted about our nicu stories , headbanging to Thunderstruck followed by Galway girl and lots of laughing  and then laughing some more.
Luckily my amazing husband gave me the following day off so I could for one day slip back to my early twenties days of sleeping in until 2pm . Feeling a little guilty and a little delicate later that day I enjoyed a lazy Sunday evening with my family and touched based with my friends who were in varying degrees of distress and praying for bedtime so they could go themselves.
But this is a rare occasion and one that we have benefited from and will do so for many weeks/months ahead. The chance to get completely glammed up , let our hair down or in some cases up in approx 100 grips which they regretted the following day . A night that when life or the humdrum of routine gets on top of us we can dig from the memory banks to our night off and smile at our antics.
So yes it’s completely worth it and we are worth it to be a little reckless, a little feckless every once in awhile. We all need a chance to step back and blow off some steam, be silly , stop ” being adult ” for just a few hours and this was for us the best medicine .
Although next time I might resist the call to the dance floor so much so my poor feet don’t suffer so much , they didnt thank me being squeezed into Monday morning heels !

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