The Christmas heart. For my Mam on her second Christmas away from home.

Amongst the glitter and the sparkle

The presents and the cheer
There’s a glaring void that cannot be filled
Because you are not here
They say that times a healer
But then do they really know
That when you truly love somebody
Your heart will never let them go
So here we are another christmas
Without your sparkle and your smile
Desperately missing your presence
Even if we could only have you for a little while
A little while to tell you we love you
A little while to hold you close
A little while to sit with you in happy silence
A little while to hear next year’s dreams and hopes
But we can only imagine you sitting near the tree
The lights reflections sparkling in your eyes
Eyes we desperately long to exchange Christmas cheer with
But now we can only share by talking to the skies
So as we celebrate another Christmas with you so far away from home
Know that we will always love you
And our hearts are now your forever home.
Missing you always and especially at Christmas time Mam, love always, Adelle.

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