Mondays meals #20 Quick and delicious seafood pie

Fish of your choice – I use Hake,prawns and Salmon
Garlic cloves
One onion
Green beans
Sweetcorn nibs
One chicken stock pot
One pots of creme fraiche
Mixed herbs
Wholegrain mustard -One tablespoon
Cornflour (optional)
Filo pastry


Cook your filo pastry according to the instructions, I like to sometimes break the pastry up and serve it this way when I am cooking the pie fully on the hob.

Poach your fish in 1 litre of chicken stock ,mixed herbs and some garlic and once the liquid comes to the boil, turn the heat down .

Separately gently fry off your chopped onion, garlic ,carrot and sweet corn nibs whilst the fish is coming to the boil and add to the fish mix once they have softened slightly.

Add your milk and your veg that has been sweated separately and gently simmer until the fish is cooked through. ( generally twenty five minutes or until the fish loses the translucent look and the prawns are pink)
Add your wholegrain mustard (1 tablespoon),mixed herbs (1 teaspoon) and tumeric ( 1 teaspoon) once you have added the milk.
When the fish is nearly cooked add your tub of creme fraiche (approx ten minutes after the milk goes on) ,don’t bring to the boil as it may split, instead allow the liquid to simmer at mid heat until it thickens.
If you prefer a thicker sauce you can near the end of cooking add some cornflour to make it a thicker consistency.

Put your green beans in a steamer and cook to your liking.

Serve with baby potatoes, more green veg or creamy mash and crusty bread to mop up the sauce, its delicious .

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