While the daisies sleep

Like the daisies Ireland must sleep for a little while longer. Tbe morning dew twinkles on the grass blades As we wait for the birds to welcome a new dawn in Sunbeams reach through the leaves on the trees And slowly the buds begin to open Time waits as they begin to spread their petals... Continue Reading →

A new way of life

As the sun sets, Another takes their final breath. The birds always sing but we can hear them clearer now, The busyness of life has ground to a halt. Souls slip away, a Country crys. Its' people open their eyes, some truly for the first time, Realising life for what it truly is. It's the... Continue Reading →

Asian style pork belly and egg fried rice

IngredientsPork belly or pork belly stripsHoneyGarlic granulesChinese five spiceWholegrain mustard Basmatic rice 1 cup (serves 2 adults 2 kids) 2 EggsChicken stock mixed with 1.5 cups cold waterMethodPreheat fan oven to 180Generously cover your meat with the garlic, Chinese five spice, wholegrain mustard and lots of honey. Put into oven for approximately one hour or... Continue Reading →

Homemade crispy chicken drumsticks

IngredientsPanko breadcrumbs (half a bag for approx 12 drumsticks) Lemon pepper (you can get this in most shops I get mine in Tiger or Mr. Price) 3 tablespoonsOnion powder 2 tablespoons Garlic powder 2 tablespoonsTumeric 2 tablespoonsPaprika 2 tablespoonsSalt 1 tablespoon EggRapeseed spray oil I use my airfryer to cook these and honestly they are... Continue Reading →

Where does it end for us, the women of Ireland?

Sunday is international womens day, a day that marks womens equality, womens rights, womens achievements, let’s never forget those women who should be here celebrating shoulder to shoulder , those women who will never see their children grow up, those women whose parents have outlived them,whose partners grieve for, those women who never got to live and achieve everything they wanted. Let’s never forget and let’s continue to shout their names and continue to talk about them so the little women we are raising now will hopefully be able to realise their dreams, their hopes and live without fear of being a woman in modern Ireland.


It ends in a named grave,

It has ended in unmarked graves of the past .

Our names end up hidden in filing cabinets,

Or in an archived email folder.

Lives ended in laundries,

They began and then again ended in the same laundries.

We are left to travel outside of our homeland on planes,

We are left alone, behind closed doors, with no support,

We are left with no choice.

Women are left to tell their children they will not be there to comfort them,

In a time when they will need them the most.

Children are already motherless, husbands are widows.

Time has been cruelly taken, unnaturally and unjustly taken,

Lives could have, should have been saved,

Instead for reasons people will take to their own graves or pockets, they will never know.

Our faith is gone,

Your daughter, wife, mother, sister, grandmother, ,niece,aunt, cousin, friend deserve better.

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