Lemon and Lime Chicken with egg rice


Lemon juice and zest of
Lime juice and zest of
honey 2 tbsp
Soy sauce 2 tbps
White wine vinegar or chinese rice wine 2 tbps
chinese five spice 2 tsp
garlic cloves minced
onion powder 1 tsp
cornflour approx 2 to 3 tbps
Sweet chilli sauce 2 tbps or just chilli flakes if going for less sweet sauce

Cracked black pepper

Chicken stock mixed with small amount of water

Fish sauce 1 tbps
sesame oil 1 tsp

I got inspiration for this dish from a few online recipes similar to Lemon chicken but as I had some limes to use up I played around with the sauce and here we go, a yum sticky sweet citrus sauce that goes perfect with airfryer panko crumbed chicken thighs and egg steamed rice.


For your sauce mix all the above ingredients together and leave to one side until the vegetables and chicken are cooked

For the chicken all you need to do is mix panko breadcrumbs with some onion powder,garlic powder,turmeric and coat first with egg then the crumb mix and cook in your airfryer until done (I use a small amount of rapeseed oil in the airfryer )

While the chicken is cooking pick your vegetables, here I used sliced baby corn,shallot ,mangetout and courgette. I cooked these in a pan with sesame oil ,some soy sauce, minced garlic and a small amount of water until the veg has softened but still holds a crunch. I remove these from the pan and set aside for later.

Rice -follow my egg steamed rice recipe

Now pour all your sauce ingredients into the pan and allow to cook on medium and allow the sauce to thicken . You want it to reduce and thicken to be enough to coat the chicken and veg . When the sauce is ready add in your now cooked chicken pieces and veg and ensure all is coated with the sauce and allow it all to come together.

If you like a flavour explosion and are a fan of poultry and citrus then you will love this, the lime and lemon together gives the dish an extra bite and freshness and lessons the sweetness some pure lemon sauces can give. I can’t wait to try this next time with prawns and think it would also go well with duck .

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