Airfryer giant pretzel bites

My kids love pretzels and I love anything cake or bread and these are a delicois mix of all three. They taste as good on their own,dunked in melted chocolate or drizzled with golden syrup .

I got inspiration from a fellow blogger Liz over on lifeonhushabyefarm who made pretzels rolls recently and I decided to see could I make an airfryer friendly pretzel  recipe and here it is!


Fast acting yeast
1 tablespoon of brown sugar
1 tablespoon of melted unsalted butter
1 tablespoon of coarse sea salt
350ml warm water
500g self raising flour

Bicarbonate of soda 120g
1 litre of boiling water

Coarse sea salt for serving


Whisk the yeast with 2 tbps of warm water and leave stand for a minute.niw whisk in the butter ,salt and sugar.
Next with a dough hook mix in the flour slowly and the remaining water and form your dough.
Make sure the dough is not sticky (add more flour if you need) and you should be able to press a retractable hole in the mix

Turn onto a flour surfaced and knead for a good three to five minutes.  Cover with a teatowel in your bowl and allow the dough to rise.

Now get your bicarb and boiling water into a large pan and allow to come to the boil.

After 30 minutes turn your dough out and divide into three sections then roll into lengths. Its up to you from here as to how many length you then cut the dough into to make your pretzel loops.

Pick a length of your size and form a u shape then carry either top tip down to form a love heart shape but carry the ends over the bottom and twist in the middle before pressing into the dough to form the shape you desire.

Now place two pretzels at a time,size depending into the pan of bicarb water no longer than twenty seconds. Drain as much water and  place into your airfryer at 200 for approximately six to eight minutes with a tiny amount of rapeseed oil spritzed over.

These are just absolutely yummy and the best bit is they freeze well ,pop into the toaster from frozen and add more salt before serving .

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