Lemon and lime Seabass with smoked pancetta and braised greens .


Deboned seabass fillets


Lemon pepper

Cracked black pepper

Garlic granules


Lemon zest of one

Lime zest of one


Chicken stock pot 300ml water

Steamed Green beans

Steamed courgette

Smoked pancetta

Egg steamed basmati rice or any other side you fancy


Fry off your smoked pancetta and when your green veg is steamed add to the pancetta ,allow to cook for a few minutes more before adding a tablespoon of garlic,black pepper,juice of half a lemon and half a lime and the chicken stock. Allow to simmer on a medium heat.

Next add garlic, both peppers, salt,thyme,zest of lemon and lime to your flour and after scoring the fish skin dust both sides in the seasoned flour .

Bring a pan up to medium heat with a little rapeseed oil and now add the fish skin side down for approx three to four minutes,when you check and the skin is starting to brown and crisp ,flip it over and cook for a further 3 to 4 minutes until the translucency disappears.

Just before taking the fish up add some of the liquid from the vegetable pan into the fish and allow the fish to simmer in the liquid for a minute ,add some extra squeezes of lemon and lime at this stage.

Your dish is ready for serving now and goes lovely with egg steamed rice or some baby potatos. This is a really light and refreshing fish dish but will satisfy everyone in the house and is perfect for these sunny days.

It would also be gorgeous cooked on a bbq if you want to give it a go .

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