Pan fried Seabass with honey and ginger braised bok choy and baby corn.

Flour seasoned with Chinese five spice,lemon pepper, garlic granules,salt black pepper,onion powder,lemon zest

Sauce for the veg

Honey 2 tablespoon

Chicken stock pot 300ml water

2 minced Garlic clove

Zest of lemon and half of its juice

Sesame oil

Ginger 2 tablespoon

Lemon pepper

Chinese five spice

Teaspoon of sesame seeds

Bok choy

Mini corn on the cob sliced in four

2 shallots thinly sliced

Seabass fillets


Firstly get your vegetables on as this will take approximately fifteen minutes to cook. Start with on a medium heat with sesame oil fry off your shallots and garlic making sure not to burn your garlic for a few minutes before adding all of the other ingredients except the stock. Allow this all to come together and for the bok choy to wilt before adding the chicken stock and allowing the veg to poach away .

Now prep your fish by scoring the skin and then lightly dusting it in the seasoned flour.

Get your pan hot and when the veg is approximately six minutes away from cooking stsrt by placing your fish skin side down on a medium heated pan (fish should sizzle not stick )

Leave it alone until the skin crisps,approximately three minutes,now flip over and allow it to cook for another few minutes.

I then near the end add the remaining lemon juice, season again with salt and cracked pepper and then add some of the sauce from the vegetable pan to allow the fish to soak up some flavours.

Serve with lots more greens or egg steamed rice , its a fast cooking dish that serves as well for midweek as it does for a dinner party as the sauce is packed with flavour and the fish remains the star of the show.

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