Sticky Asian Seabass with egg rice

When I cook Seabass I generally stick to Mediterranean influence and flavours, but after cooking a Chicken and cashew dish earlier this week I thought that with some additions the sauce would be amazing with Seabass fillets. I tried it out tonight and as my other half says ,when he goes for a second helping of vegetables,especially peppers! then the sauce must be really delicious. Seabass is a mild yet sweet flavoured fish and this sweet and sticky Asian sauce it compliments it beautifully but doesn’t mask the tender fish. This dish is family friendly (use less Chilli for the kids ) and will be on the table in less than half an hour or even less if you have your rice already made .


Seabass fillets – two per adult, One per child, I get mine from Sealyons fishmonger in Carrigaholt

Flour for dusting seasoned with lemon pepper and salt

One leek sliced finely

One carrot sliced finely

One red pepper sliced finely

One yellow pepper sliced finely

One onion sliced finely

Sesame oil

Garlic clove mined

Shallot chopped

Juice of half a lime and zest


3 cloves of garlic minced

1 shallot minced

3 stems of ginger minced

200ml water

1 tablespoon of Chinese five spice

3 tablepsoons of soy sauce

4 tablespoons of honey

2 tablespoons of sweet chilli sauce

Zest of one lime

Half of the limes juice

Zest of one lemon

teaspoon of sesame oil


In some sesame oil fry off all your vegetables with the lime juice, on a medium heat for a few minutes . Add your chicken stock pot in a small volume of water and further cook for approximately five minutes.

Put the vegetables to one side.

Now dust your fish in the seasoned flour ,shaking off the excess and on your pan place skin side down for two to three minutes in sesame oil, make sure the heat is at a medium level so the fish doesn’t stick. You can scour the skin lightly to prevent shrinkage too if you want. When the skin is crisp flip over and cook for a further two to three minutes and then place the fish to one side.

Now whisk all your sauce ingredients together and add to the pan, allow the sauce to form and then put back in the vegetables covering all the veg. Now place your fish on top and pour some sauce over the fish and serve as is or with some of my steamed egg basmati rice.

Seabass is a great fish for kids as its not too strong a flavour and as they typically like Asian sauces you could try serving the veg and sauce on the plate on the side, the crunch of the vegetables is always a winner here.

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