Prawn with lemon spaghetti,courgette and cherry tomato

This is a gorgeous and fresh dish that will be on the table in less than twenty minutes . It is a staple in our house with everyone loving the big juicy prawns and lemony spaghetti. If you can try buy your prawns from a fishmonger, price wise I have found it works out more cost effective as you will cook less because a fishmonger prawn is approx three times the size of supermarket ones. In terms of taste they taste fresher, meatier and of the sea if you understand what I mean:)


Prawns -approximately twelve per adult and 7 per child

I get mine from a fishmonger in West.Clare and the prawns are delicious ,don’t shrink when cooked and are great value

Two courgettes chopped

1 punnet of plum or cherry tomatoes chopped

4 garlic cloves grated

1 lemon zested, half juiced for the prawn mix and half for the pasta

2 spoons of mediterranean herbs

1 chicken stock pot mixed withh 500ml water to cook the pasta in

1 sundried tomato and paprika stockpot mixed with 200ml of water for the prawns

Spaghetti pasta approx 40g per adult and 20g per child


Cracked black pepper

Lemon pepper


Get your spaghetti pasta cooking in the chicken stock, half of the lemon zest and half of the juice.

In a pan fry your tomatoes on a medium heat in a little rapeseed oil, next add the courgettes, minced garlic and lemon zest.

Now after another minute add the prawns and sundried tomato stock pot with two ladles of stock from the pasta pot and allow to simmer away until you see the prawns turn pink ( indicating they are cooking through) Season with salt ,lemon pepper ,the Mediterranean herbs and lemon pepper, add the lemon juice and simmer for another minute.

Served mixed though the pasta with some of the flavoured stock and enjoy .

I have added a step by step cooking instructions over on my Instagram page if you would like to have a look and have lots of other great fish inspiration dinners there. You can find me on

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