The helicopter

Its late, dusk is closing in

darkness is coming,

Most are winding down for the night

Eyes are being rubbed whilst pyjamas are put on

And cuddles have been given.

Words are exchanged, some full of love, some full of anger

And some never talk, some words go unspoken.


A hum in the distance,

Silent words and locked worlds have created this hum,

it gets louder as it approaches our home,

louder still bringing with it a sense of foreboding.


Thump,thump, thump

your heart echoes the whirr of its blades.


Children jump with excitement and run to the window to catch sight

Catch sight of something you know will deliver possible heartache

The mind automatically jumps to the only conclusion it can

One soul has lost their way in the world.

The sound drifts away yet your eyes cling to the fading sight of the helicopter

Now out of your sight but its sorrowful mission will stay in your mind.


The whirring sounds become more regular over time

striking fear in hearts and relief in hearts whose homes remain untouched

Hearts that pray their son, daughter,father,mother,brother,sister,aunt,uncle,friend

are always safe.


Thick stone bridges enticing sorrowful people to the murky waters,

Will it silence the torment?


Hearts of strangers grow heavier at each passing

Each life the waters have taken.


Silence and sorrow tear us down,

Everyone is loved,

Everyone needs to be listened to.

No-one should end up alone.


Listen to the whispers of others

But more so listen for no whispers

It may be then you are needed most.


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