Griddled sesame prawns and courgette in a sticky oyster sauce

I cook this in the griddle pan as I love the texture of the courgette and prawn in this dish but its as easy to cook in a wok or pan.



Sesame seeds
Sesame oil
Garlic oil
chinese five spice
garlic powder
onion powder
soy sauce 3 tablespoons
ginger chopped
oyster sauce 3 tablespoons
fish sauce 1 tablespoon
tenderstem brocolli
Half a lemons juice


Part steam your brocolli and asparagus and place to one side whilst you preheat your griddle and on a hot heat sear your courgette and onion with some sesame oil .
Add a splash of soy sauce to the pan to avoid the vegetables sticking. When they soften remove from the pan.
Next add your prawns and all spices and fry for a few minutes in garlic oil. Now add all your sauces and allow to cook on a medium heat  then add your lemon juice.

Just before serving add a last dash of sesame oil and sesame seeds and put all your vegetables back onto the griddle pan.

Serve as is or with basmati rice and enjoy.

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